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Spring Equinox, 1999

This is one of the rites I did when I was 19, and it shows pretty well how young I was. I have no idea what journey this may have been, but given the time, it was probably my first trip to Florida with Mitty. There was sun, I must admit, and we had a blast.

The correspondences are likely to come straight from D.J. Conway's Celtic Magic. Like I said, I was young and foolish then. It is also highly influenced by my work with the Pagan Student Association at The Ohio State University. You can see a lot of them in the ritual as well. At the time, I was still amused by Latin, so you can find the date recorded in AUC as well as AD. Also note that I struck out Cernunnos' "fertility" aspect, and I'm quite proud of that.

In the end, though, I think this rite works in all the ways that a rite should. It gets the job done, and it keeps you on your toes.

No spellings have been changed, and I've left in what I struck out (using the convenient notation of a strike through to note what I scribbled out). This is the rite as I believe I practiced it.

Vernal Equinox Ritual, 1999 (2752 A.U.C.)
Tools: Chalice Candles
Dagger incense
Wand protective talisman
Deities: The Dagda - for magic
Lugh - for travels and sun
Cernunnos - fertility and travel
Purpose: Safe travel
Sun at our destination
Helping keep the Natural world within cycle
(i.e., doing my part for her.)
Elements: Air - insence } these two bridge the gaps between the elements
Fire - Candles
Time: Noon

Ritual: Lay tools out up on altar.

Take chalice and salute the elements. Each one should be saluted separately (Earth - N, Air - E, Fire - S, Water - W).
Put chalice down, and light candles. At the lighting of each candle, say:

Air and Fire!
Creativity and passion!
Allow us safe travel
And warmth of a fashion!
Take up dagger and want, visualizing a safe journey. See Lugh watching you from his eye, the sun. See Cernunnos allowing you passage through his wilderness. Finally, see The Dagda empowering yourself, your tools, and a protective talisman.

Touch wand and dagger to your talisman. Visualize your energy, flowing from the Dagda through you, flowing into the Talisman.

(It is best to use a receptive metal, such as copper for the talisman. This increases the amount the talisman can take, and aids you in your visualization.)

God of

Repeat the following: thanking the deities who have helped you:
God of Magic
God of Woodland
God of Sun light
Enchant this Band! (or ring, or whatever)
Place the magically charged item onto your body (or in a pocket). Repeat these thanks:

Depart in peace
You who have helped me.
Go in love and trust,
So may it be.

Depart with my thanks
You who have helped me!
Go in peace and trust,
So may it be.

Extinguish candles. Salute the elements Counter-sunwise, and drink to them.

Leave the Fay something.



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