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Samhain 2001:

This ritual was designed as part of a global working, brought on by suggestion of Issac Bonewits to "close the Gates" opened by the September 11 terrorist attacks. You'll find that portion at the end of this ritual. I kept it simple.

Gods:  Mannanan Mac Lir
1) Invoke Earth.
2) Ground/Two Powers meditation
3) Statement of purpose

    Today, I come before my Gods and the Spirits of this place to honour my ancestors, to seek guidance for the new year, and to be strengthened by their love.

    I shall offer to Cernunnos, Lord of the Hunt, who rules the dark half of the year.

    I shall offer to the Morrigan, who rules death and destruction.

    I shall also seek to close the Gates which were opened on September 11.

4) Satisfying the Outdwellers

    You who stood against my Gods.  You of Formless shape who shrink from the Light.  Accept this offering, and do not interfere with my working tonight.  I honour you, but ask that you stay away from my rite.

5) Opening of the gates

    Mannanan Mac Lir, Keeper of the Gates and Portals, Lord of Beginnings and Endings, I call upon you now to join your Magic with mine.

    With our Magics joined, let the Water open as a Gate.

    Let the Flames open as a Gate.

    Let the Tree form the Conduit that spreads between the worlds.

    Let the Towers that once stood in New York open as a Gate.

    Let the Gates be Open

6) Invocation/honourning of the ancestors:

    We hear your whispered voices speaking words of wisdom into our unconscious minds. Your whispers awaken our dreams, our hearts, our desires. You who are our ancestors who once walked upon the earth and were part of our shared life eternal, I praise you with all that is sacred in my life.

              You who planted the seed of knowledge, you who sought inner peace, you who claimed your love for the Gods and Goddesses of old, I give you honor and praise your name.

              Grandmother, without you I would not be here. Grandfather, without you I would not be here. People that have come before and gone ahead, without you I would not be here.

              I give you honor and praise your name. I ask you for guidance, for you have the power of knowledge. You have been born in me, part of our being. I draw upon your strength so that I may move ever forward. Your footsteps, I follow as all children will. You are my family and with all the love in my being, I give you honor and call your names.

              Ancestors, I praise you with the earth in my palm. I praise you with the fire in my heart. I praise you with my breath as I give offerings to your greatness. I praise you with the blood and water of life within my body. I call forth for you with honor for all eternity.

7) Invoking the Nature Spirits.

    Spirits of place, you who dance in the moonlight and in the veil between the worlds, come to my Grove.  Dance in the center of the Worlds, near the Fire, beneath the Tree, at the Water’s edge.

    Kin of Fur, Feather, and Scale; things which grow and creep along the ground and those who reach for the Sun high above; plants of all colours and sizes, come into my Grove.

8) Invoking the Gods.

    A child of earth calls out to the shining ones. Hear us, eldest and brightest.  To all the shining ones, first children of the mother, wisest and mightiest, loving and comforting; gods and goddesses, I offer you welcome.  To the gods and goddesses of this place, ancient and powerful, known to me or unknown; gods of this place, I offer you welcome.

9) Invoking/honouring the Patrons of the Rite.

    In the season of darkening, the Lord of Death receives the Spirits. He is Cernunnos the Dark One, the First Ancestor, the Torc Bearer, The Guardian of the Cauldron.

    Hear me now, Horned One, Dark one, Receiver of the Dead, Granter of Rest, Patron of the Feast in the Land of the Dead. I your child pray you to come in, to let your gaze fall upon this Sacred Ground, to indwell my rite and give me your blessing.

    As the Earth falls into sleep the Queen of Spirits is choosing those who will go to the Cauldron of Rebirth. She is Morrigan, the Great Queen of Phantoms, the Chooser of the Slain. She is the Battle Raven, the Red Woman, Mistress of the Cauldron.

    Hear me now, Red One, Great Queen, Lady of the Reaping, Cauldron-Witch of Sorcery and Prophecy. I your child pray that you be with me, that you look kindly upon my holy rite, that you come into my Grove and give me your blessing.

10) Honouring the Ancestors.

    On the feast of Samhain the veils between the worlds are thin. I call to my Beloved Dead, the blessed Ancestors, to join my feast and receive due offering.

    Come to the Gates, honored ones; hear my call, I your child who remembers. I offer you my worship, my reverence and my love.

    You who fill the empty womb, you who cause the seed to spring to spring, you who fill the breast with milk, receive now these offerings, made in your honor.


11) Praise offering.
12) Communication with the Shining Ones.
13) Blessing.

    Ancient and mighty ones I have honored you. I pray you honor me in turn, for a gift calls for a gift. Hear your child: Shining Ones, give me the Waters!

14) Thanks and requests to leave.

    O Cernunnos and Morrigan, go.  I thank you!

    O gods and goddesses of elder days, go.  I thank you!

    O spirits of this land, go.  I thank you!

    O ancestors, my kindred, go.  I thank you!

    To all those powers that have aided me, I say again...

    Go!  I thank you!

15) Closing the Gates.

    Manannan Mac Lir, once again I ask that you join your Magic with mine, and with our Magics joined, let us close the Gate in New York, dissipating it as so much smoke and ash, removing the metastructure as the physical structures were removed fifty days ago today.

    Let the Tree be only a tree.

    Let the Fire be only flames.

    Let the Well be only water.

    Let all Gates be Closed.

16) End.

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