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A Dream

This is a short synopsis of a dream I had. Tesinth is a close friend of mine. This particular vision was so strong I had to write it down:

Dreaming is not something that I do often. Most of my sleep is unplagued by images and sounds, and in general my nights pass in pure, simple blackness.

Something made this night different, though. I found myself in a remarkably tangible dream, one that seemed more real to me than the paper I now write on.

Tesinth and I have often gone hiking in the wooded areas, and it was in mid-stride along one of our favourite paths that the dream started. I remember that it was an early spring morning, crisp and clear, fresh with the bursting forth of new life. A fine dew covered the beginnings of green sprouts, and the cuffs of my pants were drenched in this clean, clear water.

Though we had walked this path dozens of times, as time went on I began to notice strange features that had never appeared before. As we crested a ridge overlooking a pristine valley, I was startled to find a large, dark pine tree dominating what used to be a large rocky outcropping. When I mentioned this to Tesinth, he was unconcerned, perhaps thinking that I just hadn't noticed it before.

As we continued down the path, the terrain became more and more unfamiliar, as large rocks and fallen trees began to impede our progress. The path became less well defined, and eventually I was forced to drop behind Tesinth due to the closeness of the path. Our steps were unsure over the broken ground, and we both stumbled more than once. Eventually, the path lost all familiarity, and our bodies began to complain about the strain we had put them under.

Tesinth and I realised that we were lost very quickly. The path had become barely a trace, and it was actually harder to see the path behind us than the one in front of us. Even if we had wanted to, we realised that neither he nor I could turn around now. Each step seemed to bring more difficulty, but at the same time a grander beauty awaited us at every turn.

Tesinth rounded a boulder in the path ahead of me, and I ran into his stopped form when I turned the corner. I had started to complain about his abruptness when the words died on my lips.

Before us was a clearing in the forest, and in the center of the clearing was a child. He was a young boy, perhaps thirteen, wearing a white tunic and brushing light gray dirt from his body. He stood near a tear in the earth, as if born caesarian from Her. He calmly finished cleaning the dirt from his body as we observed him. His hair was thin and white, the colour of an old man's, and there was gray dirt in that as well. I cannot tell you what colour his eyes were; all I remember is that they held me, and he seemed able to speak from them, rather than from his mouth, though his lips moved and produced sound in a manner not in synch with the words I heard:

"The Gods have seen your works, and feel that you have proven yourselves honourable. I bring a call from Them, a task you have been charged with."

"People have forgotten what life means: that joy in your existence is the true reason you exist at all."

"You are called to show people what it means to be alive, for your joy and pleasure pleases and honours the Gods, not your suffering and pain."

"Listen to that which the Gods speak, for they ask very little, though what is asked for must be done."

"Your responsibility to the Gods is surpassed only by your responsibility to yourself. You must please yourself and others, for in pleasure there is holiness."

"Partake of that which you find joy in, but do so in moderation. Pleasure is not a sin; the only evil you can do is not do what the Gods require."

"Avoid conflict, and abide by the laws of both humans and Gods. Be leaders among people, shepherds among the sheep; kindness and love are the traits of great leaders."

"The Gods ask for so little, yet give so much. Listen to them and you will be blessed. Ignore them, and you are on your own. Anger them, and your life shall be devoid of pleasure."

"Learn to ask and discover what the Gods wish, for this is vital."

"Be students first, and lead other students in the ways I teach you. Allow all who desire to learn from you; no religion conflicts with these teachings, for this new path is open to all. You will teach others pleasure and joy, and this will increase these virtues in your own lives."

"This is what is required of you; this is what you must do. Go now and fulfill your task."

Immediately, searing white light blinded me, and I awoke drenched in sweat and disoriented. I stood and immediately knelt before my altar. I lit the candles and began to pray. My Gods offered me comfort, but something else welled inside of me, a feeling of wonder and awe. For the first time in years, I felt that there was something missing from my worship.

The following week frightened me badly. Things went wrong, and the world was turned upside down. I didn't connect anything with the dream, though now I feel foolish for not seeing the connection earlier. It was only when I saw Tesinth later that I realised what had happened.

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