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Gaulish Personal Name Elements

Recently, I checked out a copy of Gaulish personal names: a study of some Continental Celtic formations, by D. Ellis Evans. While I was reading it, I made a chart that included a number of Gaulsih name elements and his translations. I'm providing it here, in hopes that it will help others who are working hard to figure out some of the names.

Some notes on the table below:

  1. This is an incomplete table. While it does include all the name elements in the book, it does not include all the meanings given. I encourage you to purchase or check out the book for a more complete list.
  2. The "meanings" may have other synonymous meanings, as well. Those were not always included in an effort to make the table readable.
  3. The "Misc." column indicates some cognates, some usage, and some other interesting tidbits. Really, things in that column could refer to just about anything.


The Elements, meanings, and other items:
element meaning 1 meaning 2 meaning 3 Misc.
-acto- to drive      
ad- to   ad + subj intensive (i.e. very great)
aged-, ages-, agid-, agis- face hill   i.e. OIr aged-ban: 'pale faced'
allo- other second (foreign)  
ambi- around about   occ. Intensive
ambio- enclosure fenced in    
ande- intensive prefix      
ario-, areo- nobleman? he who is before    
ate- ? re-?    
aud-, -aud- to swell? fated?    
bal-, ball- white white-peaked    
banu- pig, esp. a young pig      
bil-, bill- agreeable good    
boduo- crow?      
bogio- fight briseur    
bor- fat strong    
borm-, boru-, borb- boil agitated    
boud- victory      
brog- boarder territory    
camul- potentas- able, powerful      
caro- love friend   carenum- nectar, sweet wine
        caragus- fortune teller
cart- clean scrape, rub    
cassi-, casses love/hate superior holy  
catu- battle fight   oft. App. First element
cen- lineage spring from    
cingo-, cingeto- to go to amble    
cintu- first      
clouto-, cloto-, cluto- famous to hear    
-cno- patronymic suffix; to spring from      
com-, con-, co-, cov-, (covi-), ?cob- prefix denotes participation or connection      
comnert-, cobnert-, convert-, covinert- helpful strength privy to a secret  
cot-, cott- food sustenance    
cumb- cup drinking vessel    
dago-, daco- good     can be intensive
danno- judge      
devo- god      
di- out of, from      
donno- brown, dark noble, king    
du-       pejorative prefix
dubno-, dumno- deep world    
epo- horse      
equ- horse      
esu-, esus lord? vital spirit? wish? Divine name
ex-, exs-, es-, ec- out of      
gen-, -gen(n)- is born begets    
  oft. First name is a divine name (Camulogenus)      
  an abstract noun (Boduogenus)      
  a river or sea name (Morigenos)      
  an animal name (Matugenus)      
  the name of a tree (Vernogenus)      
  or of a mineral (Isarnogenos)      
gnato- born customary   second element only
gno- to beget      
gon(n)- born from slays    
iant-, iat-, iet-, ient-, iot- longing wish    
lano- full even, flat    
lati- warrior      
litano- wide broad    
litavi- earth land    
litu- festival luck prosperity  
lucot- mouse shrew    
lugu- light divine name Lugh    
magu- youth slave vassal  
mandu- pony learn    
maro- great     exclusive 2nd or 3rd element
matu-, mato-, mati- bear good    
mori- sea      
mot- amazement stupor a man  
namo-, namio-, namanto-, etc. sanctuary take lord  
nantu- valley stream    
nerto- strength might power  
ollo- great all    
orbio- patrimony estate heir  
orgeto- killer striker    
rato- grace career?    
rectu- law      
-redo- level smooth easy  
reg-, ric-, rig-, -rig-, -ric-, -reig-, -rix, -rex        
-reix, -ris, -ri king      
ret(t)-, reds-, rest-, res(s)-, rot(t)-, rit(t)- run      
sag- approaches seeks out    
samo- summer      
sed- sit      
sego- strength vigor daring  
su- good      
suadu- sweet      
talo- swelling shield boss wave crest  cog. W/ "world"?
tanco- peace      
tarvo-, (tauro-) bull      
tasco-, tasgo- peg? company?    
tecto- to cover possess    
teuto- tribe people    
val-, vall- to be strong powerful    
vebru- amber      
vellauno- woolen seer?    
veni- family kin-slayer    
ver- on, over      
verto-, vorto- pour out turn    
vic-, vict-, vec-, vect- fights village time  
viro- man bracelets?    
vo- under      


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