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A letter to Dairy Queen

[I went into a Dairy Queen one day and ordered a butterscotch dip cone. To my shock (and horror!) the kid behind the counter told me that they had been discontinued. I wrote the following letter to DQ national very quickly. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to come across some stores that still offer my coveted butterscotch dip cone. Yes, the "Ode to a Butterscotch Dip Cone" was included.]

To Whom It May Concern:

I was in a DQ yesterday, and upon ordering a butterscotch dip cone, my favorite and best reason to go to DQ, I was told that they had been discontinued. Could you please bring it back? I liked the butterscotch best of all your cones, blizzards, and parfaits.

I remember that, as a kid, we used to go to DQ after winning (or losing) baseball games. I always got the butterscotch dip cone because I thought it was the best tasting treat DQ sold.

I suppose I should get over my childhood sweet tooth, but I really don't want to. It's a lot more fun to me to go to a DQ and order something out of my childhood and remember what it felt like to win a game and be there with friends.

I suppose I’ll just have to stock up on those butterscotch Dilly Bars I saw last night. They’ll have to last me until you bring back my favorite cone. However long that is.

Thanks for listening.

Michael J Dangler
69 W. Weber Rd.
Columbus, OH 43202

“Ode to a Butterscotch Dip Cone:”

Ah, my ‘Scotch Dip Cone!
Perfectly formed,
Scrumptious and pure,
Ne’er ever warmed!

Alas, you have gone!
I shall miss your taste,
Your quiet cold orange,
Brain-frozen in haste!

I shall miss thee much!
Alone do I suffer,
Reliving the mem’ries
Where pain is no buffer!

Will they bring thee back?
Alone I pray day and night,
That big-wigs will see my plight
And stop their terrible blight!

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