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My Pictures

I'm working on getting all my pictures online. Once I do, hopefully I'll be able to show a good chunk of my life in pictures.

My Pictures

me02.jpg (JPEG)
cspic.jpg (JPEG)
Summer 2002, with beard
p-dangler.jpg (JPEG)
Fencing Pic
psasamhain1999.jpg (JPEG)
Ingrid, Q, Adam, Heather, Me,
Brian, Jenni, Alex
mikecaber.jpg (JPEG)
Caber Toss, Summerland 2000
cabertossmike.jpg (JPEG)
Caber Toss, Beltaine 2000
mikerobes.jpg (JPEG)
Robed for Ritual
Beltaine 2000
beltainne2002me.jpg (JPEG)
Me as Maponus
Beltaine 2002
senme1.jpg (JPEG)
Senior pic 1
senme1.jpg (JPEG)
Senior Pic 2
(Yes, I was an Eagle Scout)
mepreoath1.jpg (JPEG)
Getting ready to take
Dedicant Oath
me03.jpg (JPEG)
Me making an amusing, monkey-like
face while eating
me02.jpg (JPEG)
Me in a tree,
OSU RenFest 2002
cspic.jpg (JPEG)
Me, looking goofy
OSU RenFest 2000
(Tina across from me)
psarenfest2.jpg (JPEG)
Preparing to read
Monika's palm (2003)
psarenfest1.jpg (JPEG)
Monika reading my palm
pctg01.jpg (JPEG)
Pope Cockroach the Green,
Grinning like a madman
druidme02.jpg (JPEG)
Wellspring 2004
Hamming for the camera
fencingwells.jpg (JPEG)
Fencing Carley Wells at the
Remenyik Open. She won
projectguys.jpg (JPEG)
Joe, Mitty, and myself:
Sitting atop my Eagle Project
alex1.jpg (JPEG)
Alexander in front
Magellan behind
magellan1.jpg (JPEG)
Magellan in back
Alexander ahead
boys1.jpg (JPEG)
Both handsome boys
Magellan and Alexander
raven1.jpg (JPEG)
Raven, elder in the house
mountain_me.jpg (JPEG)
Me, atop a mountain
mountain_me3.jpg (JPEG)
Me, atop another mountain
boys3.jpg (JPEG)
The Boys, on Elizabeth's bed
alex3.jpg (JPEG)
Alexander, brave and proud.
fedora01.jpg (JPEG)
with my old, beautiful fedora
swash01.jpg (JPEG)
unshaven and dressed to kill
canada01.jpg (JPEG)
Me and the Scouts,
In Canada, canoe trip
atgroup01.jpg (JPEG)
Me and the Scouts
atop a mountain on the
Appalachian Trail
fencing01.jpg (JPEG)
taking a break during a tournament
fencing02.jpg (JPEG)
lounging on a ledge atop Larkins Hall
the Main Library in the background
heresmike01.jpg (JPEG)
My pretty blue eyes,
and the rest of my crazy face
me06.jpg (JPEG)
One of my fav. pics
mesmilebw1.jpg (JPEG)
grinning away from the camera
fedora03.jpg (JPEG)
My new Fedora!
infinity02.jpg (JPEG)
Our newest addition
She's growling in that pic!
mesleep01.jpg (JPEG)
Me, passed out on the couch
DruidMe.jpg (JPEG)
Me at a rite
The boys
Alex and Magellan
Pretending to be sweet.
Me, asleep on the couch
Me, passed out on the couch (again)
Me, grinning
Me, grinning
Monika and I at WWF
Monika and I at WWF
(Note her stylish pants!)
Monika and I as puppeteers
Monika and I at WWF
wrangling shadow puppets.
Peeking through the door.
Me at Trillium 2004 (credit: Meghan McNamara)
Me at Trillium, 2004
Senior Druid in a Tree (credit: Jenni Hunt)
Senior Druid in a Tree
Presenting at a Chaos Magic Workshop (credit: Deedra)
Me, fixing a clock before
my Chaos Magic workshop at DMF 2005
After receiving my silver star at Wellspring 2005
Me, after receiving a silver star
for my work as a Deputy Preceptor
Shooting Archery at Trillium 2005 (credit: Kirk Thomas)
Shooting archery at Trillium 2005
Shooting Archery at Wellspring 2005 (credit: ENC)
Shooting archery at Wellspring 2005
Shooting Archery at Wellspring 2005 (credit: ENC)
Shooting archery at Wellspring 2005
Jenni and myself at Desert Magic 2005 (credit: Kirk Thomas)
Jenni and myself at Desert Magic 2005
Me flying over the Atlantic (credit: Meghan McNamara)
Me, flying over the Atlantic
Walking With Fire 2005
Before my god (credit: Meghan McNamara)
At the Nautes Pillar
Musee de Cluny, Paris
Taking pictures of the Nautes Pillar in Paris (credit: Meghan McNamara)
Taking pictures of the Nautes Pillar
Walking With Fire 2005
Mehgan and I in Paris (credit: random girls)
Meghan and me,
over the Sienne in Paris
In the Paris Subway (credit: Meghan McNamara)
In the Paris Subway
Walking With Fire 2005
Good firends, all together (credit: Monika Butke)
Meghan, me, and Monika
in the Vienna cemetery
My boys, March 2009
Magellan (R) and Alexander (L)
March 2009
Infinity, March 2009
Infinity, my girl
March 2009
My boys, March 2009
Magellan (R) and Alexander (L)
Daddy is comfy,
a brother is better.
New Glasses, June 2008
My new glasses
June 2008
(and long~ish hair!)
Temple of Poseidon, Sounion, Greece 2007
Travelers at the Temple of Poseidon,
Sounion, Greece

[link to journal entry]
Hephestos' Doorstep: Methana, Greece
In the crater at Methana
knockin' on Hephestos' door.

[link to journal entry]


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