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You've reached the homepage of Rev. Michael J Dangler, a Senior Priest in Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) and a Grove Priest of Three Cranes Grove, ADF.

Recently, with my fellow Grove Priest, Seamus, I've spent some time building a store, called "The Magical Druid." The aim is pretty straightforward: to build a place that the Grove can call home, that the Pagan community can feel welcome in, and that can fill the space of "spiritual resource center" and make the term mean something to the local community.

At the online store, you'll find many items hand-made by myself, from runes to ogham, from pendulums to jewelry, and from ritual kits to offerings. You'll also find the books I've (co)authored, and many things by other local and ADF artists. This project is really about coming together, about doing the work we want to do, and building the community required to develop that cooperation.

Though there are fits and starts along any trail, we believe we have a solid plan for this sort of work, and that what we do here really matters. We are not sure where the path will ultimately lead, but we know we're headed in the right direction.

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